Wendy Garafalo

Green Guide

She's got style, she's got grace, she knows every muscle in the human body. Don't let Wendy's blond hair and sweet smile fool you, she'll have you working your 'transverse abdominus' as you perfect every pose. Wendy is The Green Yogi's alignment guru, so get ready to find that perfect posture.

Wendy danced professionally in LA, teaching a variety of dance styles for 10 years. During her time as a professional dancer, Wendy discovered the amazing benefits of yoga. She has been practicing for 8 years and received her teacher certification under Julie Rader. Wendy's classes focus on alignment to build strength, empowering students with different flow sequences to encourage creativity and movement while focusing on the breath. Wendy is constantly increasing her knowledge of yoga through workshops and trainings. She is excited to share her passion and energy for yoga with students of all levels.

Wendy Garafalo's Latest Classes

15 Minutes


Feeling a little unsure about Crow Pose? This quick class is all about strengthening your core and exploring some crafty variations of crow pose that make it accessible for all. We’ll explore 4 different variations for you to feel crow pose. Feel empowered, have a little fun and enjoy this quick crafty practice.

10 Minutes


Join Wendy for 10 minutes to reverse the hunched over sitting position we all gravitate towards.  Using a strap, you’ll stretch the shoulders then secure the strap around your shoulders to experience spinal extension in a few standing and lying down poses.

10 Minutes


A quick 12 minute class to create stability in your core and more space in your breath.  Join Wendy for some fun floor movements designed to work your core and designed to shift your awareness to your center.  A great class to use when you need a little boost of confidence or trust in your gut!

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