Wendy Garafalo

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She's got style, she's got grace, she knows every muscle in the human body. Don't let Wendy's blond hair and sweet smile fool you, she'll have you working your 'transverse abdominus' as you perfect every pose. Wendy is The Green Yogi's alignment guru, so get ready to find that perfect posture.

Wendy danced professionally in LA, teaching a variety of dance styles for 10 years. During her time as a professional dancer, Wendy discovered the amazing benefits of yoga. She has been practicing for 8 years and received her teacher certification under Julie Rader. Wendy's classes focus on alignment to build strength, empowering students with different flow sequences to encourage creativity and movement while focusing on the breath. Wendy is constantly increasing her knowledge of yoga through workshops and trainings. She is excited to share her passion and energy for yoga with students of all levels.

Wendy Garafalo's Latest Classes

20 Minutes


What is up?  Literally!  When is the last time you used your entire spine to gaze up?  This class is used for spinal extension, specifically in the neck area to strengthen the overstretched muscles on the back of your neck.  This is a great class for anyone who works at a desk all day, or spends a lot of time driving or cleaning.  Basically its great for all of us who have been quarantined!  Gentle enough for all levels and a great way to wind down the day.

30 Minutes


For some students, the traditional vinyasa sequence – Down Dog, Plank, Chatturanga, Up Dog, Down Dog – is not their friend, ever. And for others, we just have days when the body shouldn’t be doing the sequence. But that doesn’t mean we need to avoid Vinyasa classes or give up the sweaty, feel good flow. We just need to get a little bit more creative. In this class, Wendy gives you the strengthening and stretching effects from a regular vinyasa style practice, without the typical vinyasas in between, which helps improve joint mobility without taxing the body. This class is great before or after a long day of sitting to lengthen the spine, open the hips and shoulders and increase the capacity of the breath.  Enjoy!

15 Minutes


Let’s flow!  This is a beginner class where you can implement the poses learned in vinyasa basics into a flow style class.  This is a great way to get the body used to moving with the breath.  Included are several rounds of sun salutations, plus some gentle hip and side body stretches and ending with a simple breathing technique to relax the body into Savasana.  This is a great early morning practice, or before bed wind down.  Congratulations on beginning your yoga practice!

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