Sample Classes

Here’s a sneak peak at some our classes so you know exactly what you will experience.

My Morning Flow |SAMPLE|

This lovely intermediate practice is perfect for those wanting to break a sweat but not burn the candle. A balanced practice that targets the hips, chest, hamstrings & twists. Enjoy!

Hips, Core & Balance |SAMPLE|

In this class I address 3 of my favorite parts of the practice...hips, core and balance. I also define how to find the spiritual connection within your yoga practice. How do you connect to spirit? Take this class!

Power Yoga Fundamentals |SAMPLE|

Tamal guides you through a sweat-filled, powerful asana practice focused on fundamental yoga poses, intermediate flow and a deep savasana. Tamal creates a fun, safe alignment based practice that will leave you feeling happy and renewed.

Lunch Break |SAMPLE|

Have you been sitting at the computer all morning? Then this one is for you. This class will get you energized to have a great and productive afternoon. Appropriate for all levels.

Safe, Strong & Sweaty |SAMPLE|

Come to this shorter sequence for a modified, yet strong sequence. This class is great for beginners or those who want a slower paced vinyasa flow.

Deep Flow & Meditation |SAMPLE|

Working with the mantra "So-Ham", meaning "I am that", we build a deep standing flow to get out of the mind and into the body. The flow is followed by a brief meditation. SUGGESTED PROPS: 1 Block, 1 Strap

Choose Your Energy Flow |SAMPLE|

This class is a reminder that we choose our thoughts & everything is energy. We start standing and add a Tai Chi energy flow into several poses. We end with handstands, backbends and hip openers.

Restorative Prenatal |SAMPLE|

Enjoy this 30 minute restorative prenatal practice designed to provide stress relief, open the hips, and relieve the low back. Great for days where your energy is low and your body is achy. SUGGESTED PROPS: 2 Blocks, 1 Bolster, 1 Blanket, Optional Strap

Happy Hips |60 MIN SAMPLE|

When we think about creating flexibility in the hips, we generally think of opening them for poses like happy baby and lotus. In this sequence we explore how many various ways there are to get into the sacred area of the hips. Our hips store fears, which can block creativity from coming through. By working the hips from several angles, you'll release the tension so you can step with strength and joy into the next chapter of your journey. Happy hips everyone! OPTIONAL PROPS: 1 Block

Peaceful Heart, Happy Hips |SAMPLE|

This class is designed to open your hips and your heart. You'll build strength and flexibility and a deep sense of relaxation in both your body and your mind. It's a complete workout for peace, balance and rejuvenation!