Looking for a guided meditation? Need a sweaty vinyasa flow? Just beginning? How about a relaxing yin class? Choose a style that fits your mood, energy level or interest.

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20 Minutes


Join Luca and I for a quick yoga flow.  We try a little strengthening, coordination, balance and relaxing.  The movements are created to improve the connection between the mind and the body and the right/left hemispheres of the brain.  We end with a sweet meditation about the “Worry Tree”.

20 Minutes


Adding weights into a yoga practice from time to time can help strengthen muscles and create more joint stability.  This is a quick 20-minute yoga with weights class to help improve arm, shoulder, core, glute and back strength.  Simple movements that can be repeated 8-12 reps in a sequenced flow is a fun way to mix up your usual yoga practice.

20 Minutes


Get up and shake off the cobwebs!  This morning flow is designed to release the fascial tension from sleep.  That’s when we wake up and feel a little stiff.  It is a great morning class to stretch all the usual areas of tension especially the hamstrings and hip flexors.  Also a few options to get upside down and get that heart pumping.

10 Minutes


Have you ever been somewhere and you tell yourself you can’t do yoga because you don’t want to touch the floor?  This is a quick standing flow do-able anywhere!  We’ll stretch and strengthen all the joints to get you ready to stand tall and face your day.

10 Minutes


Join Wendy in this grounding yoga flow.  We’ll work feet, hamstrings, hips, shoulders and spine as we move nice and slow feeling the ground beneath our feet.  This a great class post-travel or when you need to de-stress!

15 Minutes


We often focus on “opening the hips”, but that’s not necessarily what we always need.  This class is a great tool to help learn hip stability to strengthen and increase range of motion in the hips.  We’ll use a yoga block and try some new movements to improve balance and flexibility of the hips.

15 Minutes


Enjoy a series of poses to help get your body ready for meditation. This practice is especially good in the evening after a long day of living life. We will go through a few basic stretches to get your physical body ready to sit for a meditation to complete your day.

30 Minutes


Here is the perfect flow for when you just want to feel good. If you haven't practiced yoga in a while and are looking for an all around flow to help you get back into it, then look no further. We start out sitting doing some simple movements to warm up the hips and low back, then move into sun salutations, a basic standing sequence and then down to the floor for some yummy stretches. This class is designed to help clear up energy blockages in the body so your blood and energy can flow freely and you can feel good.

5 Minutes


Meditating with a toddler isn't about sitting in a perfect meditation position and expecting everything to just go smoothly. That's not realistic. Meditating with a toddler or any child for that matter, is about creating a peaceful environment. Setting up a safe space for your toddler to either join you or not. When you create a consistent habit of meditation and your children observe you, sometimes they will join you and sometimes they won't. They is to not be attached to the results, but to simply sit quietly and observe. Observe the sounds, the space around you, the energy, etc. When you are calm, most of the time, the people around you will pick up on that energy and be calm as well. When your kids see you meditating, they will come to learn that this is a calm, peaceful, experience and they will want to be a part of it. Just have patience and let it be.

60 Minutes


Enjoy an all around restorative and relaxing yin style class. Take plenty of time to stretch and open the hips and hamstrings, open and relax the back and shoulders and give yourself the time to unwind your body and mind. You will also learn a helpful mantra to use in times of stress and anxiety.

10 Minutes


A meditation to help you unwind after a long day. Let go of the day and close the loop on all that you did. Release any judgements and forgive yourself and others for anything that didn't go exactly as planned. Sit or better yet, lay down and calm your mind and body down so you can have a restful night sleep and start a new day fresh in the morning.

60 Minutes


An easy and relaxing yoga practice. Perfect for beginners or those who want to move, but in an easy and mindful way. Nothing too strenuous or taxing here. If you haven't done yoga in a while or ever, or if you are just feeling tight all around, this class will help loosen up your back, hips and hamstrings in an easy and delightful way. Sometimes all you need is a little love.