Linda Baffa

Green Guide

The world would be a better place with more Linda Baffa's in it. She is The Green Yogi's go to girl for a sweet smile, a refreshing flow, and a beautiful song that makes savasana oh so sweet!.

Linda Baffa is a singer, a mama, a foodie, a free spirit, and a soul seeker. She has been practicing and studying all styles of yoga and meditation for over 20 years, and teaching for over 13 years. Residing currently in Santa Barbara, she guides numerous weekly yoga and meditation classes for students of all ages. However, her greatest passion in sharing these practices is found through leading transformative and healing retreat experiences around the world. Through strong, yet nurturing guidance, Linda's offerings are accessible, challenging, and peaceful all at once. She encourage students to dive deep and tune inward, witnessing their patterns, what shifts they might need, and how they can be the best version of themselves. Aside from yoga, Linda is an accomplished singer-songwriter and enjoys connecting the beauty of music with the beauty of yoga, often chanting lullabies in savasana.

Linda Baffa's Latest Classes

45 Minutes


This is the perfect practice for the evening when you are exhausted and need some guidance to unwind from both your body and your day.  With gentle and healing yin and restorative poses, we target the deeper layers of connective tissues that get bound up.  You will feel like you have just had a massage and like you are ready for bed!

30 Minutes


This sweet yoga practice, suitable for beginners, moves at a smooth, easy pace to both soften and open the heart.

20 Minutes


This beginner friendly yoga flow moves through circular patterns to help reset and restore your body and mind. Suited for beginners.

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