Jamie Horgan

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Jamie is Southern California Native and loves sunshine and warm weather. She is passionate about teaching the principles of Yoga and how we can incorporate that practice into our life. Jamie took her first Yoga class when she was 17 years old while in college to help with anxiety, and it had a positive impact on her life forever.

When Jamie was 22 years old, she went through her first Yoga teacher training and has continued to teach full-time. Since that first teacher training in 2006, Jamie has continued to explore her passion for Yoga by taking multiple Yoga teacher trainings, leading Yoga teacher trainings through Mukti Yoga School, and leading international Yoga retreats. Some areas that Jamie specializes in are: Vinyasa Flow, Advanced Asana, Yoga for Athletes, Pre/Post Natal Yoga, Yoga For Therapy, Kids Yoga, Yoga Biomechanics, Kriya Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga For Trauma, Guided Meditation and Yin/Restorative Yoga. Some teachers Jamie has studied under are: Julie Rader, Annie Carpenter, Maty Ezraty, Chuck Miller, and Jules Mitchell.

Jamie’s Yoga classes are strong, fun, insightful and alignment based. Jamie’s passion for anatomy and the science of Yoga have contributed to the way she teaches. In addition, Jamie always incorporates an inspirational element in her classes that can help the student utilize the practice off of their mat and into the world.

Jamie’s newest hobby is fostering kittens, cats, puppies and dogs. She believes that Yoga’s intention is to help us expand our awareness globally so that we can be of service to all beings and this planet. Jamie believes that tiny steps can have major impacts, and that all the gifts that we receive should also be given back to this world.

Jamie Horgan's Latest Classes

5 Minutes


Hearing anatomical terminology like "internal" and "external" rotation can feel daunting to a new and even experienced yoga practitioner. In this quick tip, Jamie describes the different rotations of the shoulder socket, the movement of the shoulder blades in conjunction with the arms and how this crucial information can help keep your shoulders and surrounding joints safe while you practice yoga. This quick tip will help you properly align your shoulders, specifically in downward facing dog and anytime the arms are alongside the ears.  

5 Minutes


Something we often hear in yoga is "square off your hips" or "find neutral hips." We are typically asked to do this in standing poses like crescent, warrior one and standing splits. In this quick tip, Jamie breaks down the different anatomical movements of the pelvis to help you better understand how to find a more neutral (square) pelvis in standing postures. It might not seem like it does much besides adding to your discomfort in a pose, but aligning your hips works wonders in increasing balance, muscle engagement and much more.

5 Minutes


Analoma Viloma, in Sanskrit, meaning Alternate Nostril Breathing, is an Ancient Yoga breathing technique that helps to balance out our breath, the brain, and is useful for reducing stress. This breathing exercise is great for calming and for energizing your mind and body. By choosing which nostril you use to inhale, you can make yourself either more relaxed (left nostril) or more energized (right nostril). Alternate nostril breathing is about bringing these two opposites into balance. By slowly and consciously breathing through each nostril for an equal amount of time, we make sure to stimulate the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems in equal amounts. Analoma Viloma can be done at any time of day, can be practiced for any reason, and is very helpful before and after moments of anxiety.

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