Heather Archer

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If you ever wished to be a cool, Californian yogi, Heather will be your role model. There's no mistaking her presence here at The Green Yogi (she's kind of tall), and we just can't get enough of her good vibes and, oh yea, awesome classes.

Heather is a native Californian; growing up in Manhattan Beach, she was always active as a child with dance, volleyball, swimming, and those monthly family surf trips. Camping up and down the coast, she was most comfortable in these natural settings, just going with the flow. Her parents encouraged her free spirit. After college, she pursued a creative career in the fashion industry. In 2006, after 4-years at the helm, she found herself yearning to get back to her roots and gain an outlet from her fast pace life. That's when a friend suggested yoga.

A year of yoga practice, and Heather had once again found her flow The positive physical, mental, and spiritual effects of her practice lead her to becoming a teacher. The gift of self awareness that her teachers shared is the most vital aspect of her yoga journey, and the most cherished. In 2007, Heather became a certified teacher through the Mukti Teacher Training School with Julie Rader. The practice of yoga transformed Heather's life and allowed her to achieve her goals of balance, strength, and tranquility (no seriously, she's really cool.)

Heather uses the asanas (poses) to support mental, spiritual, and emotional peace, as well as physical strength. Heather's goal is to help lead her students down their path of personal growth (physically, mentally, and spiritually), strength and understanding.

Heather Archer's Latest Classes

30 Minutes


This an all levels vinyasa flow style class focused on shoulders and hips. Our shoulders and hips are the most mobile joints in the body. They are also easily injured if not balanced properly with both strength and flexibility. This class incorporates strengthening poses, like plank and warrior 2, as well as fluid, dynamic movements like Shiva squats, and shoulder circles. This is one of Heathers favorite practices to do at home because it always leaves her feeling open and balanced. If you’re using this flow to heal your hips and shoulders in some way, please modify this practice to make it your own and listen to your body. Go slow, and allow this practice to serve you.

30 Minutes


This quick full body flow has a heightened focus on core and hamstrings. We will build heat through a peak sun salutation variation, that incorporates core work, hamstring length and hip stability. This is a great class if you want a full body workout in under 30 min! It’s just challenging enough to stimulate the vitality in your body and focus your powerful mind.

10 Minutes


Loving kindness meditation is a practice that can be used to boost your well-being, reduce stress and bring about a feeling of unconditional love. In this meditation you will visualize connecting to someone you love dearly, someone you may be having a challenge with, and your Self. When you practice this meditation regularly, you will increase your capacity for forgiveness, nurture your connection to others, strengthen your self-acceptance and so much more.

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