Anne Spinner

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Anne is sort of a cheater. She's a gymnast, and all of us "regular people" envy her ability to handstand on a balance beam while talking on the phone and walking her dogs in the dark. Thankfully, she's agreed to teach us a thing or two about it.

Anne has been enjoying the powerful benefits of practicing yoga since 2004. Growing up as a competitive gymnast, yoga came naturally to her. After graduating from the University of Colorado with a degree in Fine Arts, Anne moved to Vail, skiing in the winter months and competing in triathlons in the summer months. Integrating yoga into her active lifestyle she felt more balance then ever before. It wasn't until she moved to California that Anne decided to share her passion through teaching.

Trained under Julie Rader, Anne's instruction is based on the Vinyasa Flow technique that creates a union between breath, movement, and strength building with a playful edge. Encouraging her students to find peace and acceptance in their minds and body. Come with an open mind and an open heart.

Anne Spinner's Latest Classes

30 Minutes

Shoulder Rehab Flow

If you have an old/new shoulder injury and wondering how you can modify, this is for you. Still being able to practice in your vinyasa classes, this will show you some shoulder options and still give you a good flow.

30 Minutes

Hot Body Practice

Fit a full practice into 30 minutes. Getting hot and sweaty with this full body challenging flow.

60 Minutes

Around the Mat in 60 Minutes

Balanced body as we flow through Sun A, Sun B and a mandala around the mat. Full Body practice should make you feel open and balanced, mind and body.

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