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30 Minutes

Shoulder Rehab Flow

If you have an old/new shoulder injury and wondering how you can modify, this is for you. Still being able to practice in your vinyasa classes, this will show you some shoulder options and still give you a good flow.

30 Minutes

Hot Body Practice

Fit a full practice into 30 minutes. Getting hot and sweaty with this full body challenging flow.

60 Minutes

Around the Mat in 60 Minutes

Balanced body as we flow through Sun A, Sun B and a mandala around the mat. Full Body practice should make you feel open and balanced, mind and body.

60 Minutes

Quad Opening Flow

Continuous Flow Class opens the quads using multiple Chapasana variations. Getting a full body opening and flow.

30 Minutes

Chapasana Flow

Fast fun flow with multiple variations of chapasana, gives you nice quad and hip opening with back bending options.

60 Minutes

Chin Stand

This flow is fun and continuous! We strengthen the core and open the shoulders, ending up in chin stand (ganda bherundasana). SUGGESTED PROPS: 2 Blocks

60 Minutes

Full Body Balanced Flow

This balanced practice offers a little of everything. Get your mind, body, and spirit in line!

10 Minutes

Relax The Back

Take 10 minutes to help heal an achy back or to prevent back injury. I've had back surgery myself and these few poses are my go-to poses on days when my back is sore. SUGGESTED PROPS: 2 Blocks

30 Minutes

Starting to Flow

This is a beginners flow, not that any yoga is easy, start to get used to moving with your breath in this full body practice. All levels welcome.

30 Minutes

Fun Fast Flow

This fast pace flow gets right down to business. Great full body workout if you only have 30 minutes!

30 Minutes

On The Go: Open Hip Flow

We use our time wisely in this 30 minute class. We focus on crescent lunge, strengthening and stretching the hips with a happy balance of vinyasa, twists and core.

10 Minutes

Lunar Salutations

Get in touch with your moon energy. We flow through 2 kinds of lunar Salutations. Just enough to get the energy moving and balance out the body.