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30 Minutes

Continuous Flow for Compassion

This class will open your heart, expand your capacity to love, and bring compassionate awareness to yourself and others. We start with a heart-opening meditation and then move through a continuous, heated flow and end with some deep back bends. SUGGESTED PROPS: 1 Strap

60 Minutes

Vinyasa Basics

New to yoga? This class is designed to introduce you to the basics of a Vinyasa or Hatha Yoga class. You'll learn the basic blueprint of a class and learn correct alignment for frequently used poses. This is a great introduction to a yoga practice and the benefits it provides. SUGGESTED PROPS: 2 Blocks, 1 Strap and Blanket

My Morning Flow |SAMPLE|

This lovely intermediate practice is perfect for those wanting to break a sweat but not burn the candle. A balanced practice that targets the hips, chest, hamstrings & twists. Enjoy!

20 Minutes

Mommy and Me Strong Flow

This is a quick 20 minute mommy and me strong flow. Come connect to your breath, your core, and your baby! We open the whole body in this brief class so you can reset and strengthen in just 20 minutes! OPTIONAL PROPS: 2 Blocks, 1 Bolster

30 Minutes

30 Minute Yin

Finally! Here is a yin class full of yummy long stretches to release tension in only 30 minutes. We touch upon the major muscle groups: shoulders, back and hips. This is a great practice to do at the end of the day. Come release and find your zen. Ahhh..... SUGGESTED PROPS: 2 Blocks, 1 Bolster, Strap

75 Minutes

Evening Flow

A mellow but invigorating evening practice. We will focus on lengthening the hip flexors & hamstrings, working into deep hip openers. This practice incorporates arm balances and inversions w/ a long cool down & ending meditation. Zen.

75 Minutes

Strength & Softness

A strong flow with heart opening, shoulder opening & leg strengthening.

15 Minutes

15 Minute Flow For Level 2

Do you know Yoga and want a refocusing, fast paced, 15 minute sweat? You will love this!

30 Minutes

Shoulder Rehab Flow

If you have an old/new shoulder injury and wondering how you can modify, this is for you. Still being able to practice in your vinyasa classes, this will show you some shoulder options and still give you a good flow.

30 Minutes

Hot Body Practice

Fit a full practice into 30 minutes. Getting hot and sweaty with this full body challenging flow.

60 Minutes

Around the Mat in 60 Minutes

Balanced body as we flow through Sun A, Sun B and a mandala around the mat. Full Body practice should make you feel open and balanced, mind and body.

75 Minutes

Clarity Flow

This all levels class is designed to cleanse your body & clear your mind with lots of twists & breath work. As you let go of the old, you create space in the body, mind & spirit to receive new energy light filled. OPTIONAL PROPS: 1 Block, Strap, 1 Blanket