Matt Rothert

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Matt grew up in the South and Midwest playing whatever sport was in season. Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Football, and Hockey. He ran Track and played golf while at Wheaton College and graduated with a BA in Business/Economics. After a successful climb up the corporate ladder in the Minneapolis/Chicago area he gave it all up in search of his passion. He moved to California in 2001 and soon realized he was home.

Matt taught himself to surf and skateboard and then began practicing yoga. He quickly realized yoga improved nearly all aspects of his life, strengthening both his body and mind. Matt has earned over 1000 hours of yoga teacher training with Julie Rader through The Mukti Yoga School and is currently one of Mukti Yoga’s Senior Teachers. He enjoys sharing the transformational benefits of yoga through teaching it to others. Matt has been teaching for more than 10 years and teaches Vinyasa Flow as well as relaxing/restorative yoga and meditation. His students will attest to the amazing benefits they receive along with his calming and peaceful energy. His positive vibe inspires and encourages his students to live happier, healthier lives.

In addition to teaching yoga, Matt is a devoted husband and father of two boys. He also leads Yoga and Service retreats locally and around the world with his wife Chelsea, who is also a yoga teacher.

Matt Rothert's Latest Classes

45 Minutes


This is an all around yoga flow to get you ready for the day. Meditation, pranayama, sun salutations, core, back bends, hip openers and hamstring stretches. Not too much of anything, but just a little of everything. This is currently my "go to" practice for all around health and longevity.

5 Minutes


Kapalabhati Breath, also known as Breath of Fire and 'skull shining' breath is a breathing technique that will cleanse, detoxify and invigorate you. It is said to clear out the cobwebs in the brain. I have been doing this practice regularly lately and have noticed profound effects in my life as a result and so I wanted to share it with you. Give it a try for a week and see if you notice a difference in your life. More energy, clearer mind, help with decision making or anything along those lines.

10 Minutes


This is a short practice you can do with your younger kids to get ready for an outing. My two sons Matteo (6) and Owen (3) join me as we do a little mindful movement before we get ready to go to the pool for a swim. Whether you are going to the pool, a park, a bike ride or anything active, it is helpful to join together and practice a little movement to get excess energy out before you leave the house. This allows your children to focus more when you are out because their energy is more grounded and centered prior to walking out the door. I always find the day goes much smoother with my kids when we practice yoga together. Remember, yoga with kids isn't about doing the poses perfectly, it's about building healthy habits like yoga and mindfulness. Sharing with them how the practice has positively impacted your life. Have fun and don't force it. That's why this practice is less than ten minutes long. Go for longer if you can!

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