Julie Rader

Julie Rader

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You know how classes here at The Green Yogi have a way of connecting you with yourself or something greater? How, despite the sweat and the fatigue, you somehow feel ready to take on more? You can thank Julie Rader, our Green Guru and lead teacher.

Julie is the founder of Mukti Yoga, a teacher training program that has developed a number of our fabulous yoga guides. She first discovered yoga and meditation as a teenager, using it to enhance sports performance. These tools helped Julie perform at the collegiate level. After receiving her formal education, she spent 33 days in silence learning the Kriyas from Swami Janakananda, and then traveled to India to meet her guru, Swami Satyananada.

In her studies with great teachers, Julie discovered the true meaning of Mukti - inner liberation. She founded Mukti Yoga Teacher Training School on that principle, which has graduated dozens of true leaders in the yoga field who go on to inspire Mukti in their students.

Julie has served as a lululemon ambassador since 2007, was named as one of "8 Angelenos You Should Know" by LA Confidential Magazine in 2011, has developed two iPhone yoga applications and looks forward to every day as a yoga teacher and, always, student."

Julie Rader's Latest Classes

75 Minutes

Choose Your Energy Flow

This class is a reminder that we choose our thoughts & everything is energy. We start standing and add a Tai Chi energy flow into several poses. We end with handstands, backbends and hip openers.

30 Minutes

Yoga for Athletes

This short flow gets into all the tight places. We target the hip flexors through dynamic and static stretching. We end with a guided visualization.

5 Minutes

Core Strengthening

Commit to this short sequence daily and you will change your core!

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