Chelsea Rothert

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Chelsea Rothert is a mother, a birth doula, a life lover, and an avid globe trotter. Having traveled to over 15 countries from India to Iceland spreading love, laughter and, of course; yoga. She has been teaching worldwide and leading multiple teacher trainings for the last decade. Chelsea’s teaching style is challenging yet grounding, creative yet traditional, thought provoking and inspiring. A lover of traditional pranayama, meditation, grounding asanas followed by a few yummy restorative poses to finish. Each practice cultivating her position as a believer of balance; recognizing that balance in life, like in the body, is not given, but worked for. Her light-hearted humor and carefree spirit provide something for everyone.

Currently residing in Manhattan Beach California, she dances through her days with public classes, private one-on-one relationships, workshops, home organization and the business of birth and babies. In her spare time, you can find her in the garden, traveling, organizing, or enjoying the simplicity of being alive!

Chelsea Rothert's Latest Classes

30 Minutes


This strong safe flow focuses on the health and wellbeing of your low back and hips. It introduces simple modifications that will help protect the low back while also strengthening the core muscles. We finish the practice with long deep stretches that will create more space and ease in the entire lower body.

20 Minutes


As a mother, sometimes you only have a few moments to care for yourself. This 20-minute postnatal yoga video will satisfy the postpartum woman wherever she may be along her healing journey. It targets all of the essential postpartum muscles. Focusing on slow mindful movements that strengthen the pelvic floor and deep core muscles, gluteal muscles, and realigns the upper back for better posture.

30 Minutes

Modifications and Precautions for Your 1st Trimester | Prenatal

In this important video we discuss things to avoid during your first trimester such as specific breathing, core and twists. We then, practice necessary modifications and learn other options that will accommodate your changing body on the mat. Part discussion, part practice. OPTIONAL PROPS: 1 Block

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