Ali Owens

Green Guide

Ali is as zen as it gets. That's why her nickname, Ali "OM" is so fitting. And we love the calm, yet challenging vibe she brings to her classes.

Ali was first introduced to yoga while studying in the World Arts & Cultures program at UCLA. She spent her youth performing professionally as a dancer, but instantly became hooked on all the benefits of a yoga practice.

After graduating, she enrolled in a teacher-training program at the Yoga Collective in Santa Monica, CA. Since then, she has taught at numerous studios around Los Angeles including Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga, Yogis Anonymous, Cycleates, and The Hub. She is an accredited instructor for Ocean Yoga as well as the pioneer for the web based yoga series, Breaking Down Dog.

Ali has also modeled internationally for various yoga products including the Ocean Yoga Board and Lotus Yoga. Aside from teaching, she enjoys traveling and regularly coordinates workshops and yoga retreats to destinations around the world.

Ali Owens's Latest Classes

45 Minutes


Join us for the 40-minute all-levels power yoga flow.  This class works up a sweat and gives you plenty of options for arm balances, backbends, and deep restorative stretches.  If you're needing a little pick-me-up practice in the morning or afternoon, this flow is for you.

60 Minutes


Join us for this hour-long feel-good flow to open the hamstrings, lower back, and hip flexors.  This is a continuous vinyasa practice that links movement with breath for a dynamic sequence that encourages you to find flight in arm balances during the flow.  You will love this class if you are looking for a little more length, strength, and fluidity on the mat.  Enjoy!

60 Minutes


Bakasana, crow pose, is the foundational arm balance for several other arm balances and inversions.  When you learn the actions to take flight in crow pose, it makes all of the other arm balances easier to practice.  In this flow, you will warm up your hips and shoulders, strengthen your core, and learn the fundamental actions to balance on your hands.  This is a fun hour-long practice suitable for all levels.  One block is recommended.

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