Ali Owens

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Ali is as zen as it gets. That's why her nickname, Ali "OM" is so fitting. And we love the calm, yet challenging vibe she brings to her classes.

Ali was first introduced to yoga while studying in the World Arts & Cultures program at UCLA. She spent her youth performing professionally as a dancer, but instantly became hooked on all the benefits of a yoga practice.

After graduating, she enrolled in a teacher-training program at the Yoga Collective in Santa Monica, CA. Since then, she has taught at numerous studios around Los Angeles including Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga, Yogis Anonymous, Cycleates, and The Hub. She is an accredited instructor for Ocean Yoga as well as the pioneer for the web based yoga series, Breaking Down Dog.

Ali has also modeled internationally for various yoga products including the Ocean Yoga Board and Lotus Yoga. Aside from teaching, she enjoys traveling and regularly coordinates workshops and yoga retreats to destinations around the world.

Ali Owens's Latest Classes

20 Minutes


Tight hips? Try these hip stretches that open and release sore muscles around the hip joint. These poses will also help to create more space in the lower back and stretch tight hamstrings.

25 Minutes


This short flow is designed to awaken your body and prime the mind for a great day.  We will warm up the body through gentle movements before shifting into sun salutations and hip openers.  This class does not end in Savasana, instead, it is short and sweet to get you up and moving, on your feet, for your day ahead.

25 Minutes


Feeling pain or stiffness in your lower back?  Try this practice that targets the hips, psoas, and hamstrings to create more space in the lower back.  This class will focus on stability and strength, especially in the abdominals which support the lower back through many of the movements frequently practiced in a vinyasa flow class.  Enjoy!

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