Looking for a guided meditation? Need a sweaty vinyasa flow? Just beginning? How about a relaxing yin class? Choose a style that fits your mood, energy level or interest.

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60 Minutes

Fly Into One Leg Bakasana

Learn all the subtle actions to fly into eka pada bakasana (one-leg crow). Engage the core, open the hips and fly into this empowering and fun pose. Let the heat move you into some soothing hip stretches and feel the connection created between body and mind. Suggested Props: 1 Block

90 Minutes

Spring Cleaning | Yin

Spring is an excellent time to release and let go. In this hip centered class, Matt will guide us through restorative hip openers, encouraging us to let go of the old so we can let in the new. If you are feeling stuck, this practice will encourage you to make the necessary changes to live a more joyful and abundant life. Suggested Props: Bolster, Block, Strap

90 Minutes

Hawaiian Yin

Take a vacation with Matt in this relaxing Yin class. Pranayama (Breathwork) hip openers, and twists will lead your body and mind to a relaxed state, giving you a mini vacation from your life. Suggested Props: Bolster, Block, Strap

90 Minutes

Poetry In Motion

In this class, Jamie uses poetic movement to explore transitioning from one pose to the next. Be prepared for a creative flow involving hips, hamstrings and core work.

75 Minutes

Finding Endurance Through Your Hips and Twists

In this class you will feel the inner strength you have stored in your hips. We will be pulling our strength inward towards our midline and wringing out our spine with twists. We will also play with our strength by playing with continuous flow and holding our poses.

90 Minutes

Vinyasa and Restoration

We will open the hips, hamstrings and shoulders in standing poses and uses restorative poses at the end to promote healing. Suggested Props: 1 Block and 1 Strap

90 Minutes

Moving Meditation

In this class we will slow down our movement with our breath; focusing on intention with every pose. Suggested Props: 1 Block and 1 Strap

90 Minutes

Turn Your World Upside Down

In this class, Jamie breaks down handstand in a fun, liberating, and accessible way. Suggested Props: 1 Block and 1 Strap

60 Minutes

Flow and Restore

Flow and restore. This class is a smoother, mindful flow that works with all the major muscle groups. Stay present and feel the body engage as you lengthen the hamstrings, open the hips and shoulders for the first half of the class. The second half will be all about stretching the muscles (yin) and finding peace in some restorative postures and meditation. Suggested Props: Strap, optional bolster and 2 blocks.

75 Minutes

Fun Salutes!

In this class we will break away from our traditional sun salutes A & B, and try some new "Fun Salutes!" These salutations will include arm balances, inversions and transitions. Have an open mind and playful spirit! Suggested Props: 2 Blocks

75 Minutes

Refining the Practice

In this class we will explore a variety of poses. Making small refinements to familiar poses helps us bring awareness to our physical tendencies. Suggested Props: 1 Block

75 Minutes

Moving Energy and Creating Space

In this Mandala Namaskar we will get out of our heads and into our bodies. Moving energy in multiple ways in order to create more space within.