Looking for a guided meditation? Need a sweaty vinyasa flow? Just beginning? How about a relaxing yin class? Choose a style that fits your mood, energy level or interest.

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60 Minutes

Heavenly Headstand

Headstand, the king of all asanas! There are so many benefits, including increasing blood flow to the brain, relieving anxiety and alleviating strain on the back. This class is meant to help you understand and experience the subtle components that make headstand feel heavenly. Suggested Props: Optional Block

90 Minutes

Choose Good Energy | Yin

This is a heart-opening yin sequence designed to open the "prana box" lungs, heart and chest. Prana = energy, life force, breath. Pranayama, or breathwork, is also used in this class to balance the energy of the brain and relax the mind.

90 Minutes

Gratitude Yin

Finding gratitude is one of the surest ways to find happiness. You can be grateful or you can complain... You can't do both. Matt will guide us through the poses in this practice with a focus on reinforcing one's mindset to that of being grateful. The result will be an open body and thankful mind. Optional Props: Bolster, strap, block

75 Minutes

Balanced Breaths

This is one of my favorite ways to practice. We begin and end the class with guided pranayama (breath work) to calm the mind, sink into the present moment, and enhance the practice with ease and grace. The flow is smooth, slow, and conscious with a focus on balancing poses and mindful transitions. Come feel balanced... The breath is the gateway. Suggested Props: Optional block

75 Minutes

Balanced Flow

Enjoy a creative journey through the classic poses. You will find flexibility and strength in this balanced flow.

75 Minutes

Hamstrings and Shoulder Love

This class focuses on opening up the hamstrings and shoulders. We will also incorporate twists in order to have room in our bodies to play with some fun poses. Be ready for a total body opening. Suggested Props: 1 or 2 blocks

75 Minutes

Fun Continuous Flow

This fun continuous flow is designed to move energy and open up the body. Plan to sweat working through sun salutes A and B, moving on to fun flow with nothing too deep or strenuous. Rest throughout this practice on your own as needed.

75 Minutes

Simple Power Yoga for Heat and Strength

Looking to get a strong yoga flow practice in, learn some of the basic yoga moves, or simply clear out some tension from your muscles and mind? This practice will leave you feeling accomplished, refreshed and ready to tackle this new day!

75 Minutes

Let Go Flow

In this continuous flow, we seek to find mukti, which means liberation, from all the things that hold us back from being the best version of ourselves. Class includes deep releasing elements such as focusing on our exhales, pushing away old energy, and unlocking tension in the hips, where the majority of our unnecessary baggage is stored. We finish with two of the most liberating poses in yoga: frog and pigeon. Come. let go.

30 Minutes

Get Up and Go All Around Flow

Please join Matt for this all around 30 minute flow. We will warm up the spine, engage the core and get the energy flowing to all the major muscle groups. We will finish with a brief meditation to get you ready for your day, no matter what you have going on.

30 Minutes

Hit The Reset Button

This shorter practice is great for any time of day when you feel the need to slow down and release unnecessary tension and mental chatter. This sequence includes some slower movement, yin stretches and guided meditation. Come allow yourself to reset, reconnect and refresh the mind and body back into a softer, more peaceful place. Suggested Props: 1 Block, 1 Bolster

60 Minutes

Twist It Out

A specific flow sequence that targets detoxifying your internal organs. The detoxification process involves expanding, twisting, and compressing all areas of the body to allow new blood and oxygen to be delivered to the major organs. This process also helps maintain a healthy endocrine system. Suggested Props: 2 Blocks, Bolster, Strap