Looking for a guided meditation? Need a sweaty vinyasa flow? Just beginning? How about a relaxing yin class? Choose a style that fits your mood, energy level or interest.

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75 Minutes

Open And “Expand”

Come to this class anytime you feel the need to to open up, receive, and lift your vibration. We will focus on taking up space, opening the heart, lengthening in all directions, and expanding not only in your physical body, but your soul as well. Whether you have been feeling small, sluggish, or simply closed off, this class is for you! Come...expand. OPTIONAL PROPS: 1 Bolster, 1 Block

75 Minutes

Sweaty and Sweet

This is your practice when you just want to do yoga without anything fancy. You will sweat away mental and physical toxins through a continuous flow. We will generate heat with sun salutations and then hold warrior poses, triangle, and balancing poses. We will end with a couple back bends, twists, hip openers, and an optional inversion.

60 Minutes

Welcome Home

When your schedule is thrown off or you've been traveling, the body can feel slightly off. This practice is designed to get you back into your body, to open all the major muscle groups and to reconnect mind and body with the breath. This provides a sense of coming "home". Not to a place, but back into your body, back into the present moment so that you can manifest your goals and live in the present moment. A great practice after a time change, travel, new year, new moons, or anytime you feel stress. OPTIONAL PROPS: 1 Block

90 Minutes

Release Tension & Quiet the Mind | Yin

Release tension in the body and quiet the noise in the mind with this gentle restorative practice. Opening hips, hamstrings, shoulders, back and neck in this balanced yin practice. SUGGESTED PROPS: 2 Blocks, 1 Bolster

75 Minutes

There Are No Limits

This class is a continuous flow using creative sequencing that incorporates hips, twists, core and forward bends throughout. You will build a steady sweat that will help you push beyond any limits you may have placed on yourself. There are no limits.

75 Minutes

If You Were A Headline, What Would It Read Today?

A powerful core practice to stimulate our inner desire to move forward with passion, excitement and growth. Don't fall behind this year, stay on top of your intentions and desires.

75 Minutes

6th Chakra Flow – Balancing the Soul Center

This continuous heart opening flow connects you to your Third eye center. Opening the gateway of creativity and intuition by flowing energy thru the body learn to flow on your own. OPTIONAL PROPS: 1 Block, 1 Strap

90 Minutes

More Energy | Yin

The shoulders, lower back and hips will be targeted as we take time out to restore our body's energy levels. Opening up the muscles and tissues as well as the energy levels around the heart (chest and shoulder area) creates and releases energy. SUGGESTED PROPS: 1 Bolster, 2 Blocks, Optional Strap

75 Minutes

Balanced Chakra Flow

Sometimes you just need a physical yoga practice to align your whole being. Whether you feel off-center or not yourself, come to this practice to enhance your Chakra energy system from the ground up. When you feel balanced, peaceful, and at ease, you can then shine your light into the world, expanding your being and uplifting everyone around you.

75 Minutes

Safely Go Deep In Back Bends

This class is sequenced to lead you in the highest potential of your back bends. We will move slowly and deliberately through a flow to open the shoulders, hip flexors, and quads. We will play with variations of camel and wheel. SUGGESTED PROPS: 1 Bolster, 2 Blocks, 1 Strap

75 Minutes

Fluid Flow

Ahh.... this is one of my favorite ways to practice! Come allow yourself to unwind and massage every inch of your body as you steadily ride your breath through continuous dynamic movement. When we move one breath per movement, we are able to get lost into a place of peace and grace, where everything feels smooth and easy. Even through the sweat, we breathe softer, and the practice becomes, effortless. OPTIONAL PROPS: 2 Blocks if needed

75 Minutes

Third Chakra Flow – Step Into Your Power

This core strengthening practice will step you into your power. Third Chakra is related to the organs and also our ego and self identity. OPTIONAL PROPS: 1 Block