If you know exactly what type of yoga class you’re looking for, this is where you’ll find it. We have everything from arm balances to inversions and everything in between.

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5 Minutes

Quick Abdominal Strengthener

What's a good way to work your upper and lower abdominals and get a strong core quick? Watch this quick tip to find out.

5 Minutes

Proper Alignment for Down Dog

Downward facing dog looks simple, but there is much more to this popular yoga posture than meets the eye. Watch this quick tip for proper downdog alignment.

90 Minutes

Lower Back Relief Hip, Twists and Hamstrings

In this power vinyasa flow, we will release the main culprits responsible for lower back pain....the hip flexors, quadriceps and hamstrings. This class is perfect for practitioners who have a desk-job, drive a lot or travel. Enjoy!

5 Minutes

Jumping Back from Crow Pose

We've all seen those fancy yogis who shoot back out of crow pose, but how do they do it? Watch this quick tip to find out.

5 Minutes

Instant Relaxation Technique

Are you feeling stressed but don't have time to make it to a yoga class? This is a simple relaxation technique you can use to instantly relax your mind and body. It can be done anytime and anywhere!

75 Minutes

Detox Flow

Twists! Come wring out your body from the inside out with this fun, sweaty, purifying flow. When we twist, we literally wring out our internal organs, massaging them and releasing old toxins. When we unwind from a twist, fresh oxygen and blood flows back in the organs cleansing them and allowing them to work more efficiently. This is a great class to come to any time you feel the need to reset your body and mind back into a pure, healthy place.

75 Minutes

Moving Meditation

Many times in power yoga we approach our practice with the intent to get strong and to attempt challenging poses. These are beautiful things! However, sometimes, you just want to flow, release the active mind and the searching for something better or stronger. Sometimes you just want to BE. Come join in on this journey where the breath is your guide and peace of mind is the result.

75 Minutes

2nd Chakra Flow

In Sanskrit, the second chakra is called Svadisthana, which translates as "one's own place or base," indicating just how crucial this chakra is in our lives. This class will awaken your 2nd Chakra, opening your pleasure center and inspiring you to "go with the flow." The 2nd Chakra is associated with the hips, sacrum, lower back, genitals, womb, bladder, and kidneys, this chakra is involved with sensuality, sexuality, emotions, intimacy, and desire.

75 Minutes

New Moon Lunar Flow

In this class we set intentions, slow down, catch our breath, and move into the energy of the moon. This class is designed to challenge your body and mind in a meditative way. It will help balance your mood and transcend you in your practice.

90 Minutes

Heart & Hips

In this class you will flow through various juicy hip openers, and awakening back bends. Using your healing breath as a tool to explore pathways into these places that we typically hold our tension and rigidity. By physically stretching the muscles in the hips, chest, shoulders, and back we'll allow ourselves to release heaviness. Ultimately improving blood flow to the heart and hip. By the end of this class you will feel more open emotionally, and physically.

90 Minutes

Solar Flow

In this class you'll be guided through an energetic flow sequence to create a radiant heat that will run throughout your entire body. We will focus on movements that create Prana and Solar power, elements that each one of us embodies. You will feel unbelievably uplifted and refreshed. This Solar Flow is designed to warm both the body and the soul.

75 Minutes

Hamstrings & Twists

In this class you will move through a heat building flow created to lengthening your hamstrings, and twist out any impurities both physically and mentally. Focusing deeply on the breath and incorporating balancing poses such as Ardha Chandrasana, Half Moon. We'll challenge the mind to be present and fully aware of the strength and length you are gaining. Using the heat we've built, we will explore some deeper twists, detoxifying the body and releasing any heaviness in the mind. You will feel light and lengthened by the end of class.