Treat yourself to an hour-long flow after work or stop down for a quick midday guided mediation. Our classes range from 5-90 minutes so you can choose a class that fits YOUR schedule.

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75 Minutes

Baby’s Got Backbends!

Energize your body and soul with this playful flow class, that emphasizes safe back-bending in standing poses with flow.

75 Minutes

Hamstrings & Low Back

In this practice we will focus on lengthening and strengthening the hamstrings with the purpose of freeing the lower back from tension. Explore multiple forward bends and a variety of poses targeting legs and hips.

75 Minutes

Continuous Flow w/Mandala Namaskara

Flowing at a continuous pace through this class will help you find a rhythm in your body with your breath. As we move in Mandala Namaskara, a circular pattern on the mat, you balance the left and right side of the body in this fun and energetic flow.

75 Minutes

Balancing The Body

This Vinyasa flow class focuses on finding balance in the body by using our breath, our minds and our muscles. It will leave you feeling more complete and grounded.

75 Minutes

Inversions & Arm Balances

This class will give you an opportunity to get off your feet and onto your hands in a playful and fun practice. You will leave feeling powerful and determined to try more fun and challenging yoga poses.

90 Minutes

Hip Opening & Pelvic Alignment

Improve your yoga practice by growing a deeper understanding of pelvic alignment in standing poses and deep stretches.

75 Minutes

Hips Hammies and Hands

This class provides movement and flow to open up the hips, pelvis and hamstrings with added wrist and hand opening.

75 Minutes

Energizing Body Flow

This is a head to toe energizing flow that touches on all parts of the body. It will give you a renewed sense of energy and more importantly, awaken your spirit!