Treat yourself to an hour-long flow after work or stop down for a quick midday guided mediation. Our classes range from 5-90 minutes so you can choose a class that fits YOUR schedule.

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20 Minutes


Come to this restorative practice anytime (and anywhere) you feel the need to calm down and feel a deep sense of relaxation. In just 20 minutes, you will find space in your body and mind, preparing you to either move back into your day with renewed energy or ready to continue softening towards an evening rest. This practice uses deeper, longer stretches to help calm the body and slow down your inner pace. No props needed!

15 Minutes


In this meditation we will explore various breathing techniques to bring your mind into the present moment, the only place where life truly exists.  Oftentimes our minds are wandering between the past and the future.  Arrive into the now and experience the magic and bliss that this moment offers us.

20 Minutes


Are you new to meditation?  This practice will guide you through the basic principles of meditation, helping you to calm your mind and return to a state of presence.  We will focus on the breath and our surroundings in order to arrive into the now.

20 Minutes


After a day of parenting and giving to others, this class is just what you need to refill your cup. You give all day and now it's time to give back to yourself. After a short meditation, enjoy some easy movements designed to make you feel better by bringing your body back into balance after a long day. This practice will set you up for a relaxing evening and good night's sleep, so you can continue sharing your love with the ones closest to you.

5 Minutes


In general, the easiest way to begin meditating is by focusing on the breath. Concentration meditation involves focusing on a single point. In this particular meditation we will focus on the breath. You will notice as you begin to focus your attention on your breathing, your worries, doubts, fears or anything that's overwhelming your mind, will start to dissipate, leaving you with a quiet mind. The body follows the mind, so in turn, your body will begin to feel calm and grounded. This simple meditation technique can be used anytime you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

30 Minutes


This practice is dedicated to nurturing the spine. There are 7 movements that the spine makes. Flexion (folding forward) and Extension (backbends), Rotate right and left (twisting), Lateral right and left (side bends) and Axial extension (lengthen). In this practice we will move the spine in all 7 directions from sitting, standing and from all fours. It's said that you are "only as young as your spine is flexible." Tap into your youth as you increase flexibility and well being in your spine. A strong and supple spine not only protects your nervous system, but it also allows for its utmost efficiency and longevity.

5 Minutes


5 minutes doesn’t sound like much, but you will definitely feel this quick ab sequence. This set of abdominal exercises will focus on the rectus abdominus (8 pack) and the Transversus abdominus (corset muscle) in the abdominal cavity. There are 3 exercises and 3 rounds of each exercise. The most effective method to gaining strength in your core is to do this sequence 3-4 times a week

5 Minutes


We don’t often think about the importance of strengthening our back, but it’s just as important as strengthening our front, especially for the health of our spine. Deep, free breathing and all movements depend on a healthy spine. Yoga aims to promote the correct curvature of the spine, and this requires a play between both strength and flexibility. Here, we'll focus on building the strength of the muscles surrounding the spine through backbends. This quick back strengthening sequence will help to strengthen the entire back. There are 3 exercises and 3 rounds of each.

5 Minutes


This quick lower abs workout is great for a pre or post run, weight training, Yoga or any other workout you do. There are 3 exercises and there are 3 rounds of each exercise.

20 Minutes


A big part of achieving inversions is having confidence in yourself. You gain confidence through practice and trust. This handstand prep- L shape at the wall class, is a strong and grounding practice. It’s an incredible way to gain strength in your shoulders, awareness of your core and length and your hamstrings. Those are also the three ingredients for handstands. You will need a wall to practice against, an open mind and some playful energy in your heart! I always tell my students if you can do this L shape at the wall you are definitely strong enough to get up into a handstand if that’s some thing that inspires you. I’m excited to guide you through detailed alignment and breathing cues. Have confidence and trust yourself… and remember to have fun!

5 Minutes


This visualization meditation is meant to help us move some of our powerful awareness from the outer world to our inner world. In this meditation I will guide you into a meditative state where we begin to recognize the energetic body and the mind body connection. Visualizing the dense matter of our physical form transforming into effervescent healing light, creates a deep sense of peace and ease. This is a powerful meditation for healing not only physical parts of the body but emotional as well.

20 Minutes


When the abdominal muscles are strong, the back is happy. In this 20 minute practice we will focus on strengthening the core muscles while also stretching the hips and back for optimal conditioning. ​Core Blast is a short yet challenging workout which targets your abs, back and midriff. A strong core can help with balance, posture and overall strength.