Treat yourself to an hour-long flow after work or stop down for a quick midday guided mediation. Our classes range from 5-90 minutes so you can choose a class that fits YOUR schedule.

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15 Minutes


Here we attempt to practice with two kids. My 6 and 3 year olds both join me for this session. As you will see, by the end, their energy has completely changed. We go through sun salutations and some other poses to help give us an all around practice in a short amount of time. Your kid(s) may do all of it, some of it or none of it, but you can give yourself a little yoga stretch, while hanging out with your little ones. They will see how important the practice is to you and will hopefully feel the energy shift it gives them when you go through the poses together and end in a relaxing savasana.

10 Minutes


A quick 12 minute class to create stability in your core and more space in your breath.  Join Wendy for some fun floor movements designed to work your core and designed to shift your awareness to your center.  A great class to use when you need a little boost of confidence or trust in your gut!

15 Minutes


A quick 15-minute gentle stretch to check in with the tension and stress you are carrying in your neck.  Because the neck is between the head and the heart, we often hold tension here based on our choices and the different directions we often want to go.  It’s great the check in with your neck from time to time to notice if you’ve been carrying extra tension and use these stretches to release it and create more fluidity between the head and the heart.

55 Minutes


We all need a slow flow from time to time to slow down our breath and breathe into our bodies to release tightness and tension.  This practice is perfect for those new to yoga as we will move mindfully through the sequence and pause to feel the subtle actions that create a strong and stable pose.  This practice is for anyone, beginner to advanced, as we incorporate poses that help to open the hips, lower back, shoulders and hamstrings.  Enjoy!

45 Minutes


This is the perfect practice for the evening when you are exhausted and need some guidance to unwind from both your body and your day.  With gentle and healing yin and restorative poses, we target the deeper layers of connective tissues that get bound up.  You will feel like you have just had a massage and like you are ready for bed!

50 Minutes


Join us for this practice that will leave you feeling light and free! It is always a good feeling to step onto your mat, breathe in synchronicity with your movement, and get into the rhythm of a dynamic flow. This practice works its way into Eka Pada Koundinyasana (an arm balance) and Pigeon Pose (seated restorative hip opener). It is approachable for all levels with plenty of modifications and can be practiced at any time of the day.

35 Minutes


Join us for this class that is designed to help you stretch and strengthen after a workout.  This practice will guide you through simple vinyasas before opening up the hips and upper back, which are often tight from cardiovascular exercise.  This class is the perfect length of time to breathe, stretch, unwind, and rest before starting or ending your workout.

5 Minutes


Did you know that you can improve your entire day simply by breathing a different way? Yes you can and it is just that easy. In this 5 minute practice I will show you two very easy breathing techniques that yogis have been using for thousands of years to induce a state of calm and relaxation. Try it for yourself and see how easy it is to lift your mood and give you easier access to patience, kindness and love. Breathing helps calm the mind and a calm mind is an intelligent mind. Enjoy.

10 Minutes


When you only have 10 minutes to practice yoga, this is a perfect practice to get the major muscle groups loosened up and create some energy to help carry you through your next experience. Life is busy and some days you may not feel like you have any time for yoga. Surely you can set aside 10 minutes. This practice will help you feel better mentally and get your physical body ready for your life, whatever that means. From picking up the kids to going to work, we always need to be flexible and mobile. This class will give you just a few basic poses, but it will touch on the spine, hamstrings, hips, calves, back, shoulders and arms. Setting you up for success in whatever you are about to do. Enjoy!

35 Minutes


In this practice, we will focus on the concept of grace; giving yourself grace through difficult moments and finding grace as we move on the mat.  This practice focuses on neutral standing poses and upper backbends, opening our hearts to the unknown.  This is a balanced class, with equal power to restorative poses.  Enjoy!

45 Minutes


Feeling a little tight in your hamstrings? This hamstring yoga flow will help strengthen and stretch your hamstrings. This is a great class for runners, bikers, athletes and people who spend a lot of time sit-ting. This is a nice slow flow to actively engage your hamstrings. Active engagement helps us improve mobility and release the tension we often feel in the hamstrings.

35 Minutes


Think of this class as a flow to reverse the effects of sitting.  This is a slow paced class focused on the stretches that help us release the tension from the day.  We stretch the hips, hamstrings, side body & shoulders to give you the relief your body needs in the low back, neck and shoulders.  This is a great class to improve hip, spine and shoulder mobility.