New to yoga? Start here with beginner yoga sequences, foundational poses and basic modifications for your practice.

5 Minutes


Have you ever heard someone say, "take a deep breath"? This practice is for everyone and anyone wanting to get out of their head and into their breath as a way of calming down. We explore a brief introduction with reminders as to why breathwork is so important. Through gentle and informative instruction, we move through ujjayi breath and analoma viloma, which are two of the most calming breath practices for the nervous system. Ahhh.

20 Minutes


This short but very sweet practice starts with a brief seated meditation honoring the precious and sacred time that this practice truly allows for.  In this space and throughout the practice, we seek to find and honor what we truly need to receive from our practice-  your intention. Physically we will target all the major body parts that need space: hips, heart, hamstrings, core and shoulders.

15 Minutes


After more than a year into the pandemic and with things beginning to open up, it is important that we take some time to ground back into our bodies.  We’ve all dealt with trauma in one way or another this past year and grounding can help.  Grounding involves re-engaging the legs and feet to feel sure of ourselves and safe in our bodies.  Part 3 in this series gives us an opportunity to gently stretch the legs, feet and hips to release the stresses of our everyday lives and strengthen the connection between mind and body.

30 Minutes


Gentle Yoga styles help to get the body out of stress-mode, release tension, calm the nervous system, gain clearer thinking, and even restore an overall sense of balance to the body, the mind and the soul. This 30 min gentle yoga class includes some dynamic movement to help you build a healing heat, as well as some hatha poses, where we hold the pose and relax into it. Focusing on asanas that open and release the shoulders, lengthen the spine and hamstrings, while bringing stability to your core and low back... will help you unwind, quiet your mind and feel open and at ease. You could benefit from having 2 blocks or a bolster near you. Namaste.

30 Minutes


Join us for this short class that provides an introduction to the chakras and how to incorporate them into your vinyasa flow.  We will begin by setting the foundation, discussing the root chakra, and conclude with savasana, to connect to the crown chakra.  If you have been looking for a way to add more depth and awareness to your practice, this is the class for you.

10 Minutes


If your neck is stiff or sore, you have lots of company. Neck pain is one of the most common types of pain among Americans. But as with any other part of your body, exercises and stretches can make the muscles in your neck stronger and more limber. Try these moves to loosen a tense neck, banish pain, and gain flexibility.

15 Minutes


This meditation uses a specific technique of looking at our thoughts like scenes in a movie. It is extremely effective for learning to detach from our thoughts and to witness them as an observer. When we learn how to do this, we cultivate the ability to truly find mental freedom and peace of mind.

75 Minutes


In this practice, we will focus on the breath and finding depth through alignment.  This practice is slow and deep, meaning you will hold postures for 3 breaths or more to open the body and release tension, easing you deeper into the stretch and creating a sense of inner contentment.

30 Minutes


This practice focuses on building strong fundamentals and opening up the hips.  We will move through sun salutations to warm up the body before moving into a hip opening standing sequence.  We will then come onto our backs to open our hearts and twist it out.  This is a perfect mid-day or morning practice to bring your mind into the present moment and body into balance.

5 Minutes


It's always nice to do a little bit of movement before you meditate so you don't get any aches and pains while sitting or lying down.  This short 6-minute practice opens up the shoulders, lower back, and hips, preparing the body to sit comfortably in meditation.  Enjoy!

15 Minutes


This meditation is for mothers on the days when you are feeling overwhelmed. Enjoy a few moments to yourself, savoring the peace and quiet. We focus on acceptance, self-awareness, and loving-kindness. This meditation allows you to give to yourself, so you can give more to others.

15 Minutes


This practice is perfect on the days when you have a headache, are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, or simply need to quiet your mind. We will enjoy some breathing exercises, neck stretches, and other restorative poses.