New to yoga? Start here with beginner yoga sequences, foundational poses and basic modifications for your practice.

90 Minutes

Spring Cleaning | Yin

Spring is an excellent time to release and let go. In this hip centered class, Matt will guide us through restorative hip openers, encouraging us to let go of the old so we can let in the new. If you are feeling stuck, this practice will encourage you to make the necessary changes to live a more joyful and abundant life. Suggested Props: Bolster, Block, Strap

90 Minutes

Hawaiian Yin

Take a vacation with Matt in this relaxing Yin class. Pranayama (Breathwork) hip openers, and twists will lead your body and mind to a relaxed state, giving you a mini vacation from your life. Suggested Props: Bolster, Block, Strap

90 Minutes

Shoulder & Hip Opening | Yin

In this relaxing yoga class, Matt focuses on opening the hips and shoulders. The theme is gratitude as we move through different poses that help to relieve tension and stress in the bodies ball and socket joints, the hips and shoulders. Props: 1-2 bolsters.

What is a Vinyasa?

You hear the word Vinyasa in class a lot. But how do you do it properly and what does it mean? Watch this quick tip to find out.

Updog Vs Cobra

What is the different between cobra and updog? How is the alignment different and which one should I choose in class? Watch this quick tip to find out.

Tips to Relieve Neck Tension

Neck tension has plagued all of us at one point or another, and finding relief isn't easy. Watching this quick tip to learn a variety of techniques to relieve even the stiffest neck.

5 Minutes

Tips to Improve Your Hop

Sometimes it's difficult to step your foot forward, let alone hop forward. Incorporating these simple tips into your practice will having you hopping forward and back in no time!

5 Minutes

Taking Flight in Crow Pose

If you have trouble getting into crow pose, this quick tip is for you. You will learn a simple technique to help you take flight with grace and ease.

5 Minutes

Stepping Forward from Down Dog

If you have trouble bringing your foot forward from downward facing dog, this quick tip is for you! You will learn a few simple techniques that will help you step your foot between your hands gracefully and safely!

5 Minutes

Quick Abdominal Strengthener

What's a good way to work your upper and lower abdominals and get a strong core quick? Watch this quick tip to find out.

5 Minutes

Proper Alignment for Down Dog

Downward facing dog looks simple, but there is much more to this popular yoga posture than meets the eye. Watch this quick tip for proper downdog alignment.

5 Minutes

Jumping Back from Crow Pose

We've all seen those fancy yogis who shoot back out of crow pose, but how do they do it? Watch this quick tip to find out.