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90 Minutes

Balancing The Kidneys | Yin

In this practice we will focus on balancing the kidneys through various yin yoga poses. Enjoy the deep, relaxing benefits of a yin practice while restoring your kidneys.

60 Minutes

Lengthening The Spine

The spine is one of the most important physical elements in yoga postures. This continuous flow helps create an awareness in the spine at all times. It is a beautiful way to gently strengthen your core and to move safely through a vinyasa flow practice.

60 Minutes

Increasing Range of Motion In The Hips

We can all use more hip-opening in our lives! This class not only stretches hips, but also delves into different ways to lift energy out of the hips to find greater range of motion. This is great for anyone who spends a lot of time sitting. After this practice you will feeling lighter on your feet and have a deeper understanding of hip rotations.

60 Minutes

Neck & Shoulder Relief

Most of us spend our days driving, working at a computer or updating our status! Endless hours of sitting and focusing our energy downward can leave our shoulders and neck extremely tight. This class is designed to open up tight shoulders and release any tension you are carrying in your neck. This flow will leave your heart feeling light and your mind open!

60 Minutes

Power Yoga Advanced

Tamal guides an advanced practice that will take your yoga to the next level. This class encompasses a heat building sequence with peak postures that will challenge all levels of practitioners.

60 Minutes

Power Yoga Fundamentals

This 60 minute vinyasa flow, power yoga class, focuses on fundamental yoga poses while also incorporating a powerful practice and intermediate yoga flow and deep savasana. Power yoga is sometimes used interchangeably with vinyasa yoga. As the name suggests, power yoga is focused on building strength and endurance. It is also an excellent form of yoga for burning calories. Enjoy this 60 minute class with world renowned instructor Tamal Dodge.

60 Minutes

Challenging Power Yoga Basics

Tamal guides a power yoga class focused on basic yoga postures and alignment. Learn the basic postures while getting an incredible workout!

75 Minutes

Handstand Flow

This all around flow builds the heat. After a brief warm up we begin with a core sequence and incorporate handstands throughout the flow. This class is sure to leave you sweaty, inspired and courageous.

75 Minutes

All Around Flow

In this All Around Feel Good Flow, Matt opens up all of our major muscle groups. This class builds strength, flexibility, and balance leaving you feeling blissed-out and ready to take on the day.

75 Minutes

1st + 2nd Chakras

Get grounded and go with the flow as Matt focuses on the energy centers of the 1st and 2nd Chakras. This flow helps you in opening up the energy in the hips and lower body. Then guides you into using this energy to go with the flow, not only in this practice, but in your life.

75 Minutes

Hamstrings, Hip Flexors + Hanumanasana

This class explores some much needed space in the front and back muscles in your hips, also known as the hamstrings and hip flexors. Because most of us sit, walk and exercise utilizing these two main muscle groups, they greatly need our attention. Come join in on this freeing, creative flow that works up to an optional peak pose of Hanumanasana, Full Splits! After this class, your hips will surely thank you.

75 Minutes

Hips + Shoulders

This sequence is designed to help you release stress and negative emotions that are held in the pelvic area. It also loosens tight hip ligaments so the ball-and-socket hip joint can work through full range of motion. Attention is also given to the shoulders to improve strength and joint stability.