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  1. Strong flow class with good sequencing and cueing. However, I found the endearments used to address the class (my dears, babes, loves, and sweeties to be distracting.

  2. what a beautiful, wonderful class! you have such a classy, caring, calm, and graceful way of leading through the poses and breaths…THANK YOU! Julie

  3. Wonderful, quick restorative practice session. Thanks Chelsea! Perfect for those times when I crave some re-set but don’t have time for a full yin class!

  4. Chelsea,
    The GY system will not let me rate this class higher than 1 flower but
    I truly think it deserves all 5! This class is AWESOME and targets an area of the body the low back that can always use some attention. The only thing missing was my hug after class. Thank-you! Catherine G.

  5. I love Anne’s classes, she is so talented in choreographing creative flows that use the entire length of your mat, which make you feel like you are really using all of the energy and space around you! Thank you!

  6. LOVED this class! Thank you Jamie for your precise instructions, amazing, loving attitude and this fun filled class! I felt like I was there with you guys πŸ™‚

  7. This was an awesome class, Yes, I taught it but just took it online for the first time and I feel so amazing! Tight hamstrings this is worth your time yogi’s! Love and Light, Amy B.

  8. Hi Chantal, Thank you for your question. My suggestion is to emphasize more on pressing through the inner edge of the standing foot and the big toe mound (where the big toe and ball of the foot meet). However, always listen to your body and come out of the pose anytime if you need a break!
    I honor you and your wisdom in doing what is best in your body.

  9. Thank your another great class! I was just wondering, overtime if do multiple balances on one leg my ankle and outer lower leg really start to tighten and hurt and I can’t stay balanced on it continuously through all the poses without giving it a little break, is there something I can do to work on this or loosen the muscles in this area?

  10. This is an awesome flow for when you don’t have a lot of time, but you want to feel grounded, connected, and balanced. IGreat for prenatal too!!! πŸ˜‰ (Just make sure you modify you planks by lowering your knees, do cat/cow instead of vinyasa, and don’t go too wide or deep in frog pose.) Ahh… my hips are in heaven! Thank You, Julie! XO~

  11. Love love love this flow! Makes me miss her class even more. Such magical balance created through her guidance. Thank You my beautiful dear sweet Friend! namaste

  12. Hi Linda,

    Just want you to know that my wife and I have been taking this particular session about 2 times a week for a year and love it. We are in are early sixties and it is the right combination of strengthening, stretching and spirituality for us. It has become part of our daily practice. Thank you for the loving care you have put into it. You can definitely tell from the session.

    In Peace, Ira and Nadine

  13. Linda Baffa makes this flow in a very subtle way and the same time creating this heat of energy and meditation at the time , which makes it more enjoyable and helps the mind relax.