Looking for a guided meditation? Need a sweaty vinyasa flow? Just beginning? How about a relaxing yin class? Choose a style that fits your mood, energy level or interest.

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20 Minutes


Mamas, enjoy this much needed time to unwind and restore.  This sequence is designed to open the body with minimal effort.  You will stay close to the ground to open the hips and shoulders before a breathing exercise to restore balance and harmony to the mind and body.  This is a quick 20-minute practice while your little one is napping or before bed.

20 Minutes


Chakra is a Sanskrit word for ‘wheel’. There are a total of seven chakras. They run down the midline of the body, from the very base of the spine to the top of the head. Each chakra acts as a gatekeeper for its respective area, as the energy travels through us. When they are working smoothly, our vitality and energy can flow easily to where it’s needed the most. In this meditation we will balance the 7 main chakras, or energy centers in the body, with visualization, sound, and breath.

15 Minutes


To get that deep, desirable v-cut, you’ll have to work hard at targeting your oblique muscles. This 15-minute workout is designed to balance your core and carve out your side abs. These 3 abdominal exercises will focus on the internal and external obliques, which attach to our pelvis, ultimately aiding in the health of our lower back.

10 Minutes


Do you have 10 minutes?  Get present quick with this short meditation that follows the breath as a wave in order to bring you into a state of balance, presence, and ease. This is a gentle guided meditation focusing on breath sensing and sensing the breath as a wave throughout the body.

30 Minutes


For some students, the traditional vinyasa sequence – Down Dog, Plank, Chatturanga, Up Dog, Down Dog – is not their friend, ever. And for others, we just have days when the body shouldn’t be doing the sequence. But that doesn’t mean we need to avoid Vinyasa classes or give up the sweaty, feel good flow. We just need to get a little bit more creative. In this class, Wendy gives you the strengthening and stretching effects from a regular vinyasa style practice, without the typical vinyasas in between, which helps improve joint mobility without taxing the body. This class is great before or after a long day of sitting to lengthen the spine, open the hips and shoulders and increase the capacity of the breath.  Enjoy!

15 Minutes


Let’s flow!  This is a beginner class where you can implement the poses learned in vinyasa basics into a flow style class.  This is a great way to get the body used to moving with the breath.  Included are several rounds of sun salutations, plus some gentle hip and side body stretches and ending with a simple breathing technique to relax the body into Savasana.  This is a great early morning practice, or before bed wind down.  Congratulations on beginning your yoga practice!

10 Minutes


If you want to stay injury-free, the best remedy is simple: Stretch. Regular stretching helps improve flexibility, increases range of motion and reduces the risk of injury caused by lesions of the connective tissue. Plus, stretching is even great for stress relief. So after your next workout, take a few minutes to rid the lactic acid and stretch out with this 10 minute post workout stretch.

5 Minutes


Guess what Yogi’s?  You always have a choice when it comes to your style of vinyasa!  There are several ways to do a ‘vinyasa’.  Vinyasa is a style of yoga, it is also the word most often used to describe the flow of plank pose to chaturanga to up dog and finally to down dog.  Teachers often say “take a vinyasa”.  This short video gives you a few vinyasa options so you can pick the variation that feels right for you on any given day.

15 Minutes


Beginning a new yoga practice can be a little daunting, and understanding the basics is essential to keeping your body safe during your practice. The word "vinyasa" literally means, "to place in a certain way." It is used to describe the linking of breath with movement during a Vinyasa Yoga class. This 15 minute class is designed to teach you the basics of a vinyasa flow style class.  You will learn a basic sun salutation including the elements of grounding, and the poses that are often used in a vinyasa style class.  Let’s get started!  

10 Minutes


This short morning meditation will ground and calm your energy, preparing you for a day of clarity and ease. No props necessary.

30 Minutes


Open up the hips in this 30 minute continuous vinyasa flow. Warm up the body with variations of sun salutations and move into some deeper stretches like pigeon pose. This sequence focuses on the front, back, inside and outside of the hips with a variety of familiar poses like crescent lunge, warrior 2 and skandasana. The hips are used all day, whether you are walking, running, swimming, surfing, biking, skateboarding, golfing or playing team sports. When your hips are open, you have more energy and can move with more grace and ease. The hips tighten as we age, so this practice is great for keeping your hips limber and free. Enjoy savasana on your own.

15 Minutes


This 15 minute morning yoga practice is a great way to start your day off with energy and focus. Set an intention for how you want to feel today and then move through this all around flow appropriate for beginners as well as advanced yogis. This is one of Matt's favorite ways to start his day. This practice will strengthen your core and stretch your spine, hips, hamstrings, shoulders and back and get into all of the major muscle groups. Start your day with this practice and see what a difference it makes in your daily life!